FEBRUARY 24 2018


In my blogs I laud LIFE, because we were created to live forever, never to die. Billy Graham saw eternity as heaven-oriented, away from the Life-Giving Earth, in fact spelling the demise for people and all of creation.

The Bible clearly says that “God, the Human race and the Earth belong together,” something Billy G. denied. The Bible called the human being ADAM which means EARTH, because earth we are as God shaped us from the earth and to the earth we return, forever. (Psalm 103:14).

Yes, I passionately believe in eternal life on earth: God made no junk and will not junk what he has made. I also believe that mortal life now is the training ground for eternity. What we do now will determine how we will live later. We can only live forever when we KNOW how to live creation-friendly NOW in spite of all the odds.

Today we are stuck in culture of death. It’s all around us. And America leads the way through its technology.

There was an interesting discussion in the Globe and Mail last week, where Jim Balsillie of Black Berry fame and Norman Doidge discussed smart phone addiction. Here’s what Dr. Doidge, a psychiatrist, in part had to say,
“Digital tech is especially good at changing our brains without our awareness. The brain is neuro-plastic, meaning it has a property that allows it to change its structure and function in response to mental experience. Digital technologies are uniquely “compatible” with the brain, because both are electric and also work at high speeds. Marshall McLuhan figured this out. He argued that all media extend us – the microphone extends the voice, the radio the ear, the computer the brain’s processing power. In 1969, he said, “Now man is beginning to wear his brain outside his skull, and his nerves outside his skin.” At the time it seemed like one of his more bizarre aphorisms. Few believed the brain was plastic and that the media could work by, in some way, connecting to and rewiring our neurons.”

He basically says that today’s digital technologies change the way people behave and make them into machines, and machines are dead. A few weeks ago I wrote a column on THE ANTICHRIST and postulated the same condition. Now it is official: we are losing our humanity.

Back to Billy G.

This past week Billy Graham died. He was the preacher who filled stadiums and advised Presidents, who spread his gospel brand around the world through a combination of religious conviction, commanding stage presence and shrewd use of advanced communication technologies.

The gospel he preached was THE HEAVEN HERESY, which was the forerunner of THE RAPTURE FRAUD, and set the stage for the TRUMP TRAGEDY to emerge, all contributing to humanity losing its SOUL and ensuring its eternal death.

A long time ago I saw Billy appear on the LARRY KING show on CNN. The blunt unbeliever Larry needled him, ”What will happen when you die?” The “great evangelist” answered, “Jesus will take me by the hand and bring me to God.”

Well this week B. G. died. Will his prediction be fulfilled? No, no, no.

The problem with Billy Graham was that he did not know the Bible. Paul, that really great evangelist who really brought the GOOD NEWS, wrote to his friend Timothy, “God lives in unapproachable light, whom no one has seen or can see.” (1 Tim. 6:11). Billy G. also neglected to remember Jesus’ own words in John 3: 13, “Nobody has ever gone into heaven, except the one who came from there, Jesus Himself.”

Billy Graham, however, had millions of followers, while my voice is one crying in the wilderness.

When I talk about LIFE, I have all the odds against me: our entire culture is totally ANTI-LIFE, including the ecclesiastical establishment. Yet, many centuries ago wise Christians composed the so-called APOSTLES’ CREED, which is a confession both the Roman Catholic and the Protestant churches subscribe to. It has a line, I BELIEVE IN THE RESURRECTION OF THE BODY AND LIFE EVERLASTING.

The irony is that most of those who recite that life-proclaiming prayer believe that HEAVEN is the destination for ‘Christians’, even though this universal statement of faith makes no mention of HEAVEN.

Watch the eulogies for BILLY GRAHAM to glorify heaven. The American Religion which Billy G. proclaimed sees EARTH as evil. In the core of their hearts his followers believe that THE EARTH has been created by the Demiurge.

So who is this DEMIURGE?

“For the GNOSTICS – and all heaven believers are Gnostics – the DEMIURGE is the Yahweh, while Elohim, the Hebraic vision of the creator God in Genesis, is a god taken by the Gnostics to be at best a botcher or ignoramus, or at worst a spirit of malevolence”, writes Dr. Harold Bloom in THE AMERICAN RELIGION.

In my NIV study Bible, in the introduction to the 3 letters of John, the editors have added a section on GNOSTICISM.
“Gnosticism is one of the most dangerous heresies of the first two centuries of the church. Its central teaching is that the spirit is entirely good and matter is entirely evil. Thus
1. The human body, which is matter, is therefore evil.
2. Salvation is the escape from the body, achieved not by faith in Christ but by special knowledge (gnosis).
3. Christ’s true humanity is denied.
4. Since the body is considered evil, it has to be treated harshly.”

The present church is almost in its entirety GNOSTIC. There’s hardly a hymn that doesn’t mention heaven as the goal.

DR. Harold Bloom named his book, THE AMERICAN RELIGION, with as subtitle, “The emergence of the Post-Christian Nation.” That has now happened.

This prophetic book which I bought in 1993, thus 25 years ago, describes the ecclesiastical scene to a T. “We think we are a Christian nation”, writes Bloom, “but we are not…..The American self stands outside creation; it is older than creation, as old as God, of which it is a part.”

All this is totally evident in US politics with its lack of medical care for the poor, its gun violence, its abuse of creation, and its suicidal drug and war policies. What it inadvertently does: it speeds up The Coming of The Kingdom, the New Garden of Eden.

America’s policies are all in God’s plan for eternity. 2 Peter 3: 11 serves as a beacon of light, “Since everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be? You ought to live holy and godly LIVES as you look forward to the day of the Lord.”

And that DAY is rushing on: there’s little time left.

Here’s what came my way this past week:

Harvard professor James G. Anderson gave a speech at the University of Chicago in January 2018 when he received the Benton Medal for Distinguished Public Service. In 1987 Dr. Anderson was the force behind discovering and diagnosing Antarctica’s ozone hole, which led to the Montreal Protocol.

In his acceptance speech, James G. Anderson, professor of atmospheric chemistry, now warns that it is foolhardy to assume we can recover from the global warming leviathan simply by cutting back emissions.
He said that, “The only way humanity can dig itself out of the climate change/global-warming hole is by way of a WWII type effort with total transformation of industry off carbon and removal of carbon from the atmosphere within five years. The situation is so dire that it requires a worldwide Marshall Plan effort, plus kneeling in prayer.”

Anderson said the chance of permanent ice remaining in the Arctic after 2022 is zero. “Already, 80% is gone. The problem: Without an ice shield to protect frozen methane hydrates in place for millennia, the Arctic turns into a methane nightmare. This is comparable to poking the global warming monster with a stick, as runaway global warming (“RGW”) emerges from the depths. Interestingly enough, the Arctic Methane Emergency Group/UK, composed of distinguished scientists, seems to be in agreement with this assessment.”

This totally tallies with the warnings found on THE ARCTIC NEWS blog, which repeatedly has stated that, once the methane emerges, we have no more than a few years. It tells us to expect 10°C (18°F) warming which could happen within one decade when taking into full account the warming that could result from the various elements now in play.

On February 21 that blog said:
“Above freezing temperatures forecast at the North Pole for February 25, 2018, with surface temperatures as high as 1.2°C or 34.2°F are forecast. The jet stream to reach speeds as fast as 233 km/h or 145 mph over Greenland on the way to the North Pole on February 25, 2018. Surface temperatures over a large part of the Arctic Ocean are forecast to be up to 30°C warmer on February 23, 2018, compared to 1979-2000.”

Our LIFE is at stake.

My blog is all about LIFE. If ONE PERSON is saved through reading this blog, by the grace of God, then the angels in Heaven will be delighted. Jesus re-affirms this when he said,
“I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents (from living a creation-killing life) than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent. (Luke 15: 7)”. Oh the irony there!

There is a Chinese proverb, “If you save a life, you are responsible for that life.”

That Chinese saying made me think. Suppose that the issue here is not saving flesh and blood, not saving a person’s physical life, but saving something more important: being instrumental in saving a person’s spiritual life, being God’s tool to point a person to life eternal.

Augustine once said that, “We can’t do anything without God, and God won’t do anything without us.” That makes us God’s instruments of salvation, and gives us a heavy responsibility.

Suppose that a person who has always been told through scores of sermons that heaven is her ultimate destination, and that RAPTURE is a biblical concept. Suppose that through discussion and through direction to certain Bible texts, she starts to see creation as God’s Primary Word, and so gradually can visualize the panorama of a New Heaven and New Earth. All this would change her outlook completely and such a change would be much more significant than simply saving a physical life: by some gyration of grace she would suddenly see salvation in its proper light.

“If you save a life, you are responsible for that life.” If saving a physical life entails a lot of responsibility, how much more important would it be when it concerns ETERNAL Life?

Ephesians 6: 12 points to our plight. “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

That pictures the situation today because where it concerns eternal life, enormous elements are at play: the spiritual forces of evil in the air are around us everywhere, sometimes even in our spouses, almost always in the churches, in TV, in our smart phones, entrenched in whatever we do and in almost everything we undertake.

The Devil is smart. He has infiltrated all of life because he does not want to lose one adherent. He fights tooth and nail to hang on to his charges, so be aware because many of us are unwittingly soldiers in his army and partake in ‘the powers of this dark work and are willing helpers, advancing the spiritual forces of evil everywhere around us”.

Back to Billy G.

Jesus warned us about Billy’s brand of the gospel. In verse Matthew 24: 4 Jesus said, “For many will come in my name claiming, ‘I bear Christ’s message’, and deceive many’’.

By preaching THE HEAVEN HERESY and by extension THE RAPTURE FRAUD, which today has brought us the TRUMP tragedy, Billy Graham deceived millions and aided and accelerated the disintegration of God’s Holy Earth at neck-breaking speed.

That, sorry to say, is THE BILLY GRAHAM LEGACY.


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